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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 19, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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breaking news, police investigating a double shooting out of point breeze where victims were standing and how many shots were fired straight ahead. more than three dozen men at least one from every county in the state, now under arrest, and facing child porn charges, and some of them have worked pretty closely with kids. and developing for you overnight ryan lochte indicted in brazil next video that proves that he lied, about getting robbed in rio. it is all about the eagles their second preseason game in the books, who shined, who struggled this morning we will break it down it is friday all 19th 2016. that means it is a a three day weekend for lauren dawn johnson who typically sits right here and typically sue is there but today it is
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scott. hi there scott. >> how are you, chris. we are dealing with the heat but i have some good news for your friday because heat wave is over, it ended yesterday for philadelphia with high temperatures in the upper 80's but for today we will top out at 90 degrees in philadelphia a heat wave it is officially over. look at ultimate doppler we are drying out after pop up showers and then are storms during the overnight blowing through philadelphia and parts of the south jersey and delaware. we will zoom in closer. so streets will likely be wet out there first thing this morning but those showers and thunderstorms only added to the humidity. weather by numbers on the scale of one to ten today we will give it an eight. once again the heat wave is over but it will be another kind of hot, humid afternoon. so looking at temperatures by this a afternoon near 90 degrees. storms for part of the weekend, coming up we will talk about that. seventy-four right now but look at that humidity up there at 87 percent. so temperature right now 74
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hillville. sixty-nine pottstown. seventy-two in wilmington. this is what we're talking about across the area for to take. center city right around 90 degrees. sunny, breezy, 84. lehigh valley 86 degrees, bob kelly. we will talk about that entire forecast for poconos and down the shore. >> hey, scott, good morning everybody. friday, tgif, 4:02 as we get started, readings right where they should be in the 50's, nothing major on the schuylkill expressway. some of the roads are still damp and wet from those pop up storms that rolled through last night. notice that as you step outside the front door. lets go down to a breaking situation here in delaware a tractor trail are accident along with a incident, tractor trailer accident and pickup truck at pulaski highway at college avenue which is route 40, and 301 that busy intersection there. we know a person was taken to the local hospital and there
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was also a young child involved and hurt in this accident. all of these details are just coming in now. i know steve keeley is on the the way to the scene and we will take through the minute he arrives. coming up through delaware this morning expect some delays along route 40 and 301 where the pulaski highway meets up with college avenue. downtown we will go a live look at the vine street expressway which is still closed here this morning. folks pushed off at broad street and that closure will last until 5:00 o'clock no problems on the ben franklin working your way up and over. market frankford and broad street subway they are using shuttle buses until 5:00 and trains kick in at 5:00 a.m. and run every eight to zero minutes throughout the rest of the rushing hour. we have breaking news, in point breeze where two men were shot late last night. it happened on south 23rd and mifflin streets just after 11:30. one was taken to jefferson, other to penn presbyterian hospital. both are in stab condition. police he will us that 16
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shots were fired hitting men standing outside a chinese restaurant. >> most of these victims were stopping outside of the chinese food take out the on the corner of 23rd and muff lynn when they were shot. there were two vehicles struck by gunfire and there was chinese take out the window was struck two times by gunfire. >> police say crime cameras in the area recorded the shooters so they have a good description of who they are looking for. but no arrests. authorities in brazil have indicted two of the three american olympic swimmers who claim to have been robbed at gunpoint, ryan lochte and jimmy feigen are accused of lying about the alleged armed incident as authorities piece together exactly what happened. dave kinchen live at ben franklin parkway to explain, what authorities are saying this morning. dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. what an international incident you can call, all of this, in fact, this really starting to over shadow the olympics itself.
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of course ryan lochte is known for grabbing headlines, the star gold medal swimmer is now the star of the international incident. he is back in the u.s. now, after being indicted in brazil. new surveillance video from a rio gas station appears to backup witness claims that there was no robbery of the what he claims, it shows lochte and others outside gas station early sunday morning at the same time they said they were rob. police say they were drunk, disorderly vandals and ripped apart a rest room. security guard did show his gun to hold the men until they paid for damage. we asked villanova professor of political science what it means in the long run. >> does this put the icing on the cake, the claim that their police, 85,000 strong police presence, in rio, but here you may have had some police, the official part of the state being corrupt and extorting money. >> go to jail for lying, but
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he lied about somebody robbing him in rio and big commotion about nothing. so something has to happen. >> this is a big deal, international crisis or something to be forgotten in 48 hours. >> it will be forgot men 48 hours. the it is not an important international thing. >> reporter: police say that two of the swim hers were pulled from a plane wednesday night, admitted to making up the story. they were on their way back home, friday, but the big question for lochte of course remains his millions of dollars in endorsement. so chris, what happens to all of those endorsements and all that money? big question there. >> yeah, big financial question for ryan lochte's future. thanks very much. 4:06 is the time. philadelphia police have someone in custody in connection to the shooting in east germantown. prosecutors will in the say if they have charged that person. someone shot 25 year-old alshay ford after he just pick up his three-year old daughter after work. police say he drove right in
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the gun battle between two people on germantown avenue with a little girl in the back seat. she wasn't hurt but ford died a day later at einstein medical center. well, we now know who police found in the trash bin in wilmington delaware wednesday night and last night, police said that someone had shot her over and over. they have identified her as 21 year-old patricia hoskins. the officers found her body in the bin in the 800 block of east between the second street, they searched home of the person of interest yesterday morning, however, they have yet to announce an arrest. in new jersey authorities arrested 40 people, on child porn charges. they come from every county in the state. the state attorney general says that six month investigation resulted in the sting operation with people from all walks of life involved in, cinnaminson you'll find one, adam fairing ton, a former schoolteacher who has work in philadelphia. bristol township, bucks county, and delran, new jersey. the attorney general has this message for predators.
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>> we will find you. we will find you. you are in your basement, hiding in the dark, we will find you and we will arrested you. >> search continues for many of the children seen in that pornography. in chester county the police chief is calling a child pornography discovery, lawrence jamison and john brown, face a long list of charges for sex trafficking, child pornography and sexual assault. the d.a. accused jamison of possessing 1,000 dvd, thumb drives and other devices with 50,000 sexually explicits images and videos of kid. investigators say jamison introduced a 15 year-old victim to brown and then both men raped the girl and took photos and videos of her as they would exchange. all right. well, look at this, it is over a nasty crash in vineland, new jersey state police say a man deriving a meat truck and a mustang were driving and heading south on route 55
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right around 5:00 when the truck swerved and hit that mustang. the truck then moved in the north bound lanes. both drivers were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. philadelphia school reform commission is getting some praise this morning. last night they updated student code of conduct banning most for kindergarteners and any suspensions for students violate the dress code. under new rules they cannot be suspended unless their actions result in serious bodily injury. decision to not the suspend over dress code violations come as the district realizes some students don't comply due to poverty-related factors. we got to see what the eagles will look like in the upcoming season. in their second preseason game. they defeated steelers 17 to nothing. the defense looked really good, especially the secondary. and, he had four interceptions and four sacks. much more on the games and hey light coming up in sports in one minute. we're two-zero so far.
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bizarre break in the local k-mart the one thing this guy got away with that will leave you really confused. a local veteran begging for help, he left a portfolio on the septa bus and he needs it back. bob kelly, good morning, sir. good morning everybody. we are looking live at a penndot construction crew one of the few left over construction crews from the overnight. the plus we will have the latest on that nasty tractor trailer accident in delaware as we look live downtown philadelphia scottie has your weekend forecast. all that and more when we come right back.
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ben franklin parkway, with nxs rocking us out on this friday. thanks for being with us. let's take you west here, destruction widespread across san ber nature dino, california, despite hundreds of fire fighters tackling these flames. it is less than 5 percent contain. blue cut fire has burn 49 square miles. california has been in a drought for at least five years. it is really dry. officials say that is making the fire spread at a wrapped pace, and tens of thousands are under evacuation warnings. >> this is scary thing. this is the first time we actually had to like leave, we have been on stand by a few
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times. it is scary. >> i want to save my house and my ranch is still there. i have no idea. >> a lot of those homeowners had to evacuate are learning there has been looting as well, people going into the fire to try to steel from peoples homes before they are burned presumably. also these crews are battling, these planes, helicopters and bulldozers. now to louisiana and deadly flooding there could create worst housing emergency since aftermath of hurricane katherine a estimated 40,000 homes are damage in the baton rouge, lafayette areas. fema is looking into lining up rental properties for those left homeless and consider using temporary housing. authorities have confirmed 13 people have tied from the flood waters. scott williams, good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, chris. just complete devastation in parts of the louisiana. over 2 feet of rain out of that system that set up shop over that state. not even a tropical system but just tropical moisture that didn't even have a name.
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lets talk about what is happening in the delaware valley. yesterday the heat wave ended with high temperatures only in the upper 80's around the philadelphia area. overnight look at ultimate doppler. it was dry for much of the day. then around ten or 11:00 we saw showers and thunderstorms develop in southeastern pennsylvania and then moving into parts of the south jersey and delaware overnight with some brief, heavy rainfall, gusting wind and lightening, but you can see right now we are dry, quiet. we will zoom in closer. you can see what happened around ten or 11:00 moving through center city area cross nothing to cherry hill, haddonfield and west deptford we have seen brief downpours. your weather headlines, it is a parade, heat wave, it is over, we're talking about high temperatures near 90 today. it will still be hot and for the upcoming weekend cry for most of us, but by the second half of the weekend it looks like pretty potent showers and thunderstorms, some of thousands could be strong to severe.
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74 degrees right now. wind is calm. hugh myth thety is high at 87 percent. folks out and about up and adam early on this friday morning we are looking at 74 this dover. seventy-four in philadelphia 70 allentown. seventy-six in atlantic city. around the area for today 90 once again into the city, it will be sunny, it will be kind of humid by the afternoon. down the shore a sunny breeze. eighty-four. lehigh valley sunny and nice with high temperatures right around 86 degrees. heading down the shore for the upcoming weekend here's what to expect? water temperatures upper 60's to mid 70's. saturday 83 degrees. by sunday afternoon, late evening, there could be pop up showers and thunderstorms but the best chance is going to be inland during the day for showers and storms. pocono mountains for tomorrow warm 84 degrees, for sunday, scattered showers and thunderstorms, temperatures top out at 83 degrees and then for the overnight tonight, and in center city we're looking
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at temperatures right around 72, mostly clear sky, quiet conditions for tonight. the seven take forecast shows you a high of 90. ninety again for tomorrow, and then for your sunday, high temperature top out in the upper 80's but a front is moving through, scattered showers, thunderstorms, some could be severe and then we will clear out, look at monday, tuesday, beautiful weather, temperatures top out in the lower 80's and then by wednesday 86 degrees. eighty-seven for the high as we move towards next thursday. bob kelly. >> i took your advice and put in some personal days next week i'll let you know later if they will get approved. 4:17. up and adam, tgif looking good on the majors. everything is all wet the from the rain we had overnight. you'll see puddle along the way, notice the windshield, you have little rain drops on there but blue route, 95, schuylkill, all in good shape. here's the latest on this accident in delaware. according to police it sound
4:18 am
like a tractor trailer was coming south on 896, and then right at the interest section where 896 hits with route 40 there is a traffic signal. it sound like that tractor trail are plowed right into the back of the pickup truck that was stopped at that traffic signal in that pickup truck. there was a six year-old boy. we have three people injured, one a six year-old child, and this is all shutting down that intersection. so, the pulaski highway which is route 40 and then 301 and 896 kind of come right together at that traffic signal. that is an intersection you will want to try to avoid. steve keeleys on the way to the scene and we will take you there the minute arrives. here's a live look at i-95 where they are still working on girard avenue. again, work crews are loving cooler temperatures overnight. they don't mind rain that comes along the way to cool things off actually. north on the freeway looking good this morning, kind of
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quiet coming in toward the city but remember it is a friday so later this afternoon the trip toll shore the traffic jams usually start at around 2:00. be up and over that walt whitman and on your way to the beach, before 2:00 otherwise you better pack some snacks for the kids. septa trolley blitz continues again this weekend, all of the trolleys will terminate at 40th and market and from their use market frankford line in and out of the city. chris, back over to you. philadelphia police are searching for the man caught on surveillance camera snatching a woman's purse that happened early this morning inside restaurant in the 4700 block of north broad street and logan. as woman was paying for her food, a man grabbed her bag and it had 300 bucks and iphone inside, he ran off toward wyoming street if you know who he is call the police. police were very much like you to check this out, they just released this video from inside a philadelphia k-mart and they say that guy with the bike shouldn't be there.
4:20 am
and that is not his bike. he got in the store along aramingo avenue in port richmond through a back door and got his hands on the bike and wheeled it out early tuesday morning. give police a call if you know who this is. an announcement from bucks county's d.a. is catching people by surprise, he is saying he is now stepping down early. david heckler says he will leave his spot as county's top law even are to. officer next month, a year early. he took office in 2009 after serving as a why for ten years. heckler says it is time for someone new to take on this role and he is ready to spend more time with his family. >> when i look back, at least i set the direction to make this office a heck of a lot better. i believe in having value. i like to think i add add lot of rally with you around here but we're coming to an end of that. >> heckler thanked his wife and all of the prosecutors in his office. panel of judges will choose
4:21 am
his replacement. 4:21. northeast philadelphia marine veteran needs your help finding an important document he lost. keith mitchell said he left a black portfolio with an fbi stamp at a septa bus yesterday evening. mitchell says he was on the 84 septa bus heading towards frankford transportation center. he got off at arondale and state road in the northeast when he realized he had left it. he was coming from the veterans assistance office in center city to get help for his family. >> high family, we're going through a process where we have to relocate and as i said earlier i was speaking to the veterans assistance people town town and they were helping with the process of us moving and all of the information was in there. >> mitchell said the portfolio contained military documents, social security guard and birth certificate. septa is reviewing video, cameras on that bus to see if
4:22 am
anyone pick it up. it is all about the eagles, second preseason game, well, it is in the books. we will talk about sam bradford and the starters, most importantly how receivers do and it didn't look good but eagles did have a surprise that was very positive. much more straight ahead.
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good morning i'm sean bell. eagles first preseason game certainly went better than most, mainly because they got out with no big injuries. noland carroll was the start, with this interception and he is going straight to the house. carroll showing the world he is back from that ankle surgery. we step to later in the third kenbeyond barner time. this guy does it in the preseason but we need him to do it in the regular season, 5-. eagles get another win blanking the steelers, 17 to nothing. phillies and dodgers ryan howard is red hot, batting .385 in his last 13 at bat, look at that one, dead center field, solo shot, giving the phillies the lead. in the seventh down a run miguel franco hits on almost
4:26 am
exact same spot two run blast right there giving phillies the lead and the win. they avoid the sweep. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. how nice to see ryan howard hitting home runs again. isn't it. villanova mens basketball team has another reason to celebrate they have an official bobble head honoring their ncaa championship wins. fans can order that and you can see he comes with the replica of the national championship trophy, and, from when the wildcats defeated north carolina several months ago with that buzzer beater. the national bobble head hall of fame and museum is selling them for 40 bucks each. they are individually numbered, and there is only about 500 have of them, so order them now. sports radio 94.1 wip has locked down one of the most popular voices just as eagles season is about to start. long time commentator raid
4:27 am
diddinger signed a new multi year deal to keep him at wip. he will continue to help his popular weekend show with grabbing macknow on saturday and sundays and he will also join 1210 and host chris stigall every friday during football season. the that is deep on what they are doing. good morning, everybody we're talking about ryan lochte this morning. swimmer is indicted. dave, good morning to you. he is indicted, back home but could lose millions of dollars in endorsements and one of the teammate is still in rio facing the music, we will tell you who after the break.
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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by officials are now worried that there may be more victims,. and fall out in brazil surveillance video shows four u.s. swimmers at a gas station the same time that they say they were robbed, at gunpoint. but did this really happen? why police say this video proves it did not happen. breaking news child rescued after an accident involving a tractor trailer. steve keeley just arriving on the scene and will have a live
4:31 am
report in a minute. good day it is friday august 192,016th. lauren johnson has a three day weekend which began just moments ago. let's get to scott williams. hi there, scott. >> i'm sure lauren is here in spirit and probably celebrating because yesterday the heat wave came to an end. the high temperature in philadelphia was 88 degrees yesterday, so heat wave, it is officially over but that doesn't mean today will not be hot because it is. as far as what is happening on ultimate doppler we're looking at quiet conditions after a round of scattered showers and thunderstorms rolled through parts of the area during the overnight. look at that humidity 100 percent millville. ninety-six in pottstown and lancaster. 90 percent humidity in wilmington. weather by the numbers scale of one to ten. looking at new information and how about this i'll give it a nine on a scale of one to ten because it will be hot but today will be more of a dry heat, so little more tolerable
4:32 am
then what we have been used to with that last heat wave. seventy-four, wind are calm, humidity still high, up at 87 percent but it will be dropping during the day with predominantly northerly win. seventy-three in trenton. seventy-one wilmington. seventy-six in atlantic city. the wind are light to calm across the area but note more northerly direction north and west, that will be the trend during the day to day. calling it sunny and warm 90 the high in center city. eighty-four down the shore. lehigh valley, sunshine, lower humidity. 86 degrees. coming up increase in humidity and another storm threat for part of the weekend, bob. >> good morning, everybody. tgif, 432. we will begin with the an accident on the roosevelt boulevard a one vehicle accident, it sound like this fellow kissed the concrete barrier here, so right lane is block, northbound on the roosevelt boulevard right here near fox street.
4:33 am
otherwise road are wet, damp that could have led to these little fender benders. but in problems the blue route, schuylkill or i-95. latest on this accident in delaware involving a tractor trailer a pickup truck and injuring a six year-old child. it sound like a tractor trailer was coming south on route 896, right here at route 40 is where 896 changes into route 301. we have busy shopping plaza, movie theater and traffic light. it sounds as if tractor trailer approach the intersection, didn't stop for the light and rear ended a pickup truck and in that truck was a driving and a six year-old child. we have three people injury. steve keeley is on the way to the scene and we will get to him the moment arrives but this intersection is sure to be an investigation here this morning. grab your mini fridge, let's go, move in day on the campus of villanova university. wildcats welcoming folks,
4:34 am
parents, new students are going to be blocking route 30 here on the campus of villanova keep that in mind rolling through town today and septa trolley blitz begins today, through early monday morning where all of the tropical is will be terminating at 40th and market and from there commuters can use market frankford line into downtown. chris back over to you. lets get to breaking news out of point breeze in philadelphia where two men were shot late last night. it happened on south 23rd and mifflin streets just after 11:30. one was taken to jefferson other to penn presbyterian. both in stable condition. police tell us that 16 shots were fired, hitting the men who were standing outside, a chinese restaurant. both of these victims were standing outside a chinese food take out on the corner of 23rd and mifflin when they were shot. there were two unattended vehicles struck by gunfire and also chinese take out, window was struck two times by gunfire.
4:35 am
>> police say crime cameras in that area recorded shootings so they have a good description of who they are looking for, so far no arrests. 4:35. developing this morning three of the swimmers are pack here in the states, one still in brazil following their claims about being robbed at gunpoint. authorities in brazil have indicted two of the swimmers including, ryan lochte, about lying. lying about this whole incident. fox 29's dave kinchen live along ben franklin parkway to explain what authorities are saying this morning. this story has change in the last 48 hours. >> reporter: i'm not sure u.n. will be involved in this one but it has change. we can tell you jamie feigen is sole member of this group still left in rio, left to face hughes i can and charges of falsely reporting a crime. this is as u.s. olympic committee apology facing for what it calls a distracting incident that has overshadowed the olympics itself. ryan lochte is known for grabbing headlines and star gold medal swimmer is now star
4:36 am
of this interest that the incident. he is back in the u.s. after being indicted in brazil and in new surveillance video from a rio gas station appears to backup witness claims that there was in robbery, as athletes claimed, it shows lochte and others outside the gas station early sunday morning at the same time they say they were robbed. police say they were drunk, disorderly vandals who tore apart a rest room there. a security guard did show the gun to hold the men this will they paid for the damage. you will hear an olympic official say it is in the a big deal as police described the crime. >> there is strong evidence that at least one of the swimmers took action that is would be false indication of crime. >> it was contradictory from the very beginning. as a matter of fact versions of one of the athletes he has confessed. >> let's give these kid a break. sometimes you take actions that you later reget.
4:37 am
they are magnificent athletes. lochte is one of the best swimmers of all time. they had fun. they made a mistake. it is part of life. life goes on. >> police say two of the swimmers who were originally pulled from the plane wednesday night admitted to making up the story. they were on their way back home and again, in addition to the indictment, lochte and his people are likely worried about the millions of dollars in endorsements. he has endorsement with polo, ralph lauren, will he lose some of those millions of dollars in endorsements? that is a big question in all of this too. back to you, chris. in new jersey authorities have arrested 40 people on child pornography charges. they come from every county in the state. the state attorney general says that six months investigation resulted in the sting operation with people from all walks of life involved in this. in cinnaminson you'll find one of the accused is adam farrington a former
4:38 am
schoolteacher who work in philadelphia, bristol township, bucks county and delran, new jersey. attorney general has this message for predators. >> we will find you. we will find you. whether you are in your basement, you are hiding in the dark, we will find you and we will arrest you. >> search continues for many of the children seen in that pornography. police want to you look at this, it shows a local pharmacy being terrorized, officers say robbers got away with the money but went further to make things particularly scary. mystery beauty treatment. what made their skin more radiant? what?! wait! only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin. dmade with the perfect balance of raspberry ice cream,
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luscious raspberry sauce, and belgian chocolate. discover magnum chocolate pleasure.
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in west philadelphia police looking for a man and would hand who forced their way through a back door of lancaster pharmacy and then shoved the pharmacist to the floor. the man insinuated that he had a gun while woman grabbed drugs and money, they left without anyone getting hurt thankfully. a former parx casino worker accused of rigging horse races. accord together pennsylvania attorney general's office merion vega gave horses performance enhancing drugs. vega worked as a groom. testing showed multiple horses under her care had high doses of the medication that can give horses a competitive advantage. investigators say drug was also found in vega's possession. philadelphia field division of the atf is trying to track down the person they say set a fire to the building in rittenhouse square last month. agents say person in this video made their way in the
4:42 am
building on south 17th street that was undercover trucks and then set fire to it. it caused half million-dollar in damage. a stunning admission from the white house the obama administration is admitting a 400 million-dollar payment to iran earlier this year was indeed leverage to secure the release of hostages. it is first time u.s. government has clearly linked the two but state department maintains that the payment was in the ransom despite the appearance of such. it says money was a payment already owed from an equipment deal. controversy on the track, american women's relay team thought they had been disqualified but then something happened, how they got back in the race, next. blank
4:43 am
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and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging? new light & fit. did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! let's get back to our breaking news. it the is out of delaware. steve keeley, this is a tractor trail their overturn, sir. >> reporter: no, a tractor trail their rear ended a pickup truck. tractor trailer right side up but what you cannot see is damage on the front end because where we are positioned here. you can see why we are in a difficult position, this morning because this direction of the road has been reopened, and people are driving by this scene. across the street, look at the front end of that ford f150 pickup truck and again you cannot see the extent of the
4:46 am
damage. rear of that thing is gone. the extended cab and new jersey plate on the front end. hood is up if you that thing is burn up. what i'm told by a source on the the scene not with the police but somebody who was here all night working this scene is that a family of four was in there including a six year-old boy and passerby, pull this is family out. the boy has third degree burns i'm told, flown to crozer-chester after initially taken to the hospital here in delaware. but an awful seen here, it is amazing that it is not worse when you see that pickup truck. we will get you a closer look and somehow i was over and allow to take close-up pictures with my cell phone and tweeted several pictures where you see the extent of the damage there both vehicles. so how did this happen overnight. it appears from all of the debris to the right of the chris fox's shot here, this pickup truck was waiting at the light here, at pulaski highway and 896, and route 40,
4:47 am
this is a combination of the bunch of road where you see transportation department putting out cones but you see that debris in front of the gentlemen with the two cones here and this family from new jersey may have been coming back from a vacation or trip to the new jersey beach, delaware beach and going back to new jersey. they are waiting at a light and then this tractor trailer driver may have nodded off is what we were told and fallen asleep and then came back awake after the accident from the crash of the accident waking him up and he was okay, able to talk to police and tell him what he remembered after he woke up and managed to control the tractor trailer there. you can see how far both vehicles went if it happened the initial impact where you see the first of the debris field over there, chris. this is an awful scene. it is a hazing it is not reported fatal scene but when we have a little boy closer to the impact because he is in a child restraint seat in the back of the extended cab of the ford pickup truck that
4:48 am
caught fire from being hit by a heavy tractor trail where a oklahoma license plate and maryland plate on the front of the tractor, the engine part of that truck. an awful scene here. we will try to talk to delaware state troopers once they get a moment but they are very busy right now with this. they have got other side of the road shut down as bob kelly has been telling you all day but a very busy intersection with a very awful scene as you can see traffic coming up. we are on a island that they direct as you way from the impact to show you but look at these still picture on twitter that we will have on our web site as well and you'll see how bad this was. and whoever who it was that pulled that kid and family of four out of the pickup truck while on fire. good thing it was a busy highway. that way people were here to sianni save people before police were here, chris. good hustle getting to that scene.
4:49 am
meantime we will check with scott williams looking at weather on this friday morning, hi there scottie. >> good friday morning, good friday everyone. looking at ultimate doppler things much improved after another round of overnight pop up showers and thunderstorms, heavy activity in sections of gloucester and salem county and then diminished as it moved through atlantic county. we will move in closer around philadelphia area, last night was diner en blanc, mostly dry but toward the tail end of the event you can see pop up showers rolling through center city and then once again into parts of the south jersey but that system is out of here. we are looking at temperatures today, and in the upper 80's to near 90 but heat wave is officially over. it ended yesterday with high temperatures in the upper 80's. storms return for the weekend. seventy-four in philadelphia. wind every calm. humidity high at 87 percent. we are looking at 71 wilmington. seventy-two millville.
4:50 am
upper 60's in pottstown. wind are nice and calm across the area but during the take we are looking at more northerly wind that will help it be more of a dry heat today. lunchtime temperature 84 degrees. by 3:00 this afternoon 89. we will peak out right around 90 in the philadelphia area, hey, cardinals are in town this evening and we are looking at first pitch temperatures right around 85 degrees. should be the nice evening at the ballpark. ninety for today. ninety again tomorrow but tomorrow more humidity. 88 degrees on sunday with pop up showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening, and then behind that system it is looking really nice. eighty-three for the high monday. eighty-four on tuesday. look at this, this is what we have been waiting for, bob kelly, you put those comp days in yesterday. >> i put them in yesterday, i have not heard back from the boss yet on. that good luck, right. 4:50. good morning. the here's the scene of that accident that steve was just
4:51 am
on telling us about. pulaski highway is route 40, through delaware here, and college avenue is 896 and then right at that intersection it turns into route 301. so again that tractor trailer was coming south along i896 when it collided with that pickup truck at the traffic light here at route 40. so as you are copping south of delaware right now 896 you are push off and not going any further south. alternates in play probably route one would be your best bet as that investigation continues through the morning rush hour. another accident this one right here in our camera at northbound on the roosevelt boulevard right at fox street it looks like a one vehicle crash right in the wall there. so north bound side there is that one lane getting through. vine street expressway looks like we're halfway there. nope, we're opened in both directions, east and westbound after the overnight
4:52 am
construction. the pennsylvania turnpike on the northbound side you'll find some delays between lansdale and quakertown all due to an accident. camden concert weekend concerts all weekend long on the camden waterfront, keep that in mind heading through camden to get to the shore later on today. stay there we will grab a cup of coffee and come right back. question, and be honest...
4:53 am
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birthday. one most will never reach by the way and she's doing tonight a unusual way. fox 29's dawn timmeney introduces us to netie and how she's celebrating turning 100 years old. >> reporter: netie white from delaware county is always on the go, hard to believe, this lovely lady just shy of her 100th birthday. >> i love life. i like being around people. i love my family. >> reporter: netie was born september 261,916th. she married albert, in map of 1940 and they had four sons. and boy has her family grown. >> i have ten grandchildren, and i have four great grandchildren. the 15th is on its way. >> reporter: today we caught up with this great grand mom at springfield mall where she decided to celebrate by getting her ears pierced. >> netie had pierced ears years ago but the holes closed
4:56 am
up and she want to wear beautiful diamond earrings her late first husband gave her so many years ago. >> that was really high true love, he died at 53, unfortunately. figured it was time to wear them. >> reporter: some of the staff from the enhanced main line living, accompanied her on this latest escapade. >> it is not surprise to go me because at beginning of this year she decided to join our drama club. >> there is in other thing, you will not go sky diving on us. >> no, no. >> reporter: no sky diving. >> no i'm not that adventurous. >> reporter: she wouldn't tell me her secrets but netie does work out in the retirement home gym in the strength training room and she also does a roane i cans. everybody says she's a real instantvation and so sweet but she wants to wear those diamond earrings a cherished gift from her sweetheart. steve keeley is live for
4:57 am
us in delaware, steve? >> reporter: we are on glassco and here's the other side we walk a couple blocks from the first shot. look the at the impact the rear of that extended cab ford pick up from new jersey a family of four was in there, pointing the opposite way in the opposite side of this intersection when they were hit by that tractor trailer now across the street as well where you see delaware troopers on the scene. we will have an update and show thaw crash and update you on the injuries as much as we know when we see you next.
4:58 am
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breaking news out of delaware a child rescued after an accident in with a tractor trailer. steve keeley is live. police are investigating a double shooting out of point breeze where police say the victims were standing and how many shots were fired. develop this morning ryan lochte indicted in brazil. next up video that, well, different sport here the eagles, they played their second preseason game. we will let you know how that went. we will tell you latest on the ryan lochte alleged robbery, they are called it lochte gate f morning on this friday august 19th, 2016. lauren johnson has the morning off. we will get right to steve keeley with this horrible crash in delaware. steve, what is the latest. >> reporter: we are on the other side and you can see how devastated this ford pickup truck, this is an e


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